Monday, July 28, 2008

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes....

Ro – I feel like the past few weeks have caused me to age 10 years. It must because I had a birthday. I guess 47 is the age that you are officially old, time to sell the motorcycle and get a quad or electric scooter. You know the song “Head, Shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes, knees and toes, head, shoulders knees and toes, eyes, ears, mouth and nose.” It is not a primary song but a list of what hurts and doesn’t work! I have also learned why the jokes about fiber, BM’s and a healthy colon are so funny. They are so true! TMI?

Marci – She is a ROCKSTAR on the guitar (rockband that is) She misses her daughter. I had to talk long and hard to convince her that McKayla had only been gone 3 days and not a week and 3 days.

Jordan – is looking to change jobs. It will be nice for him to not have to work Sundays and be able to attend the stake mission prep class on Sunday mornings.
He spent a lot of time putting his bike back together and now has it over to Gary’s shop for the fine tuning. Jetting and fork oil levels. I, for one, was very impressed with his mechanical ability.

Jakob – Jake got home from football camp on Saturday. He has some great stories of putting people on their butt and catching passes for touchdowns. The first thing he wanted was two Carl’s Jr. Burgers. He seemed happy to be home to sleep in his own bed, eat real food and shower alone! We missed him.

McKayla – went to Franks on Thursday. Jordan was great to take her there and then turn around and come right back. What a guy! She sounds like she is having a good time with cousins. They were up at Brian Head until Sunday and now they are back in Vegas.

David – He has become the ROCKBAND drummer of the family, but his mom cut his hair so now he doesn’t look the part!

It has been a good week. Jordan and I are trying hard to finish the Book of Mormon before the other does. This week I was reading about Christ’s visit to the Americas. It is real! My week has been great because of the amount of time I have spent reading and the subject matter of my text. I know that my feelings will not come through in text, but the words of the Book of Mormon are true and the more I study the simple words of Christ the more I see the brilliance of the light he offers.

SSsssssssssssssssssssseeee ya, Ro

Monday, July 21, 2008


For mutual this week we took the kids canoeing down the Verde River in canoes. They all seemed to have a good time, but it was sure miserable staying out of the water in the humid heat.

Saturday was a good day. Early in the morning I went with Joe, Tyler Boyle and a few others riding at the new Grindingstone Motocross Track. It is just past the river on the Beeline Highway. We had a good time and I am sure sore. I just need to do it more.

Marci and Jordan came up with this scheme where I thought that the Colemans had borrowed my truck, Jordan had to work for Kara’s Dad and I was completely oblivious of them putting a new stereo in my truck. It sounds great and is what I have been wanting for a long time.

The biggest news for Jake was that we got a video game called “Rock Band”. You can play the drums or the guitar that it comes with or sing. You have to set it on one of the levels from beginner to expert and then it scores you on how well you play the notes. It is quite hard for an uncoordinated guy like me, but Jake is king of this game. Jake loves it. McKayla and David and even Marci have played a lot too. (Aunt Edna has to have her hands over her ears or watch with ear plugs in)

David went to day camp this week. Friday night they did a 2.4 mile hike in the Superstition Mountains and then Saturday went swimming.

I dropped Jakob off for Football camp this morning. I think that he is a little afraid how hard it is going to be. He will do great and will hopefully have a great time this year. First game is August 29th. WAR EAGLE!!

Jordan is working, but hates working on Sunday. He is always off around 10 or 11, but he misses mission prep class and just doesn’t like the working on Sunday part. He has gotten to be a pretty good mechanic. He replaced the fork seals on his dirt bike, pulled out the motor and is rebuilding the top end. This week it goes back together.

McKayla is helping her mom around the house and spending time with friends.

Oh, I also sent a picture of Grandpa Joe and some narrative to PaysonRimCountry.Com. They had a space for him, but no picture. I fixed that. You can see it at
They didn’t use exactly what I wrote and got some facts wrong but hey it’ll fly.

Have a good week. Love ya’ll. Ro

Love ya'll

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


This is a first for Rolland. I blog, therefore I am. This is a slightly edited letter to my parents serving a mission in Missouri.

We spent the weekend at the Toot House in Pine. We watched the fireworks in Payson in a light rain and then lounged around, playing games, watching movies and looking at the crafts down town. We had a nice time.

Well here is the week (or the weak) in review. Mesa has had a lot of rain this week, about 2.5 inches in a few hours on Wednesday and the same today (Sunday). The lawn is looking great. Irrigation on Tuesday, 2.5 inches of rain on Wednesday and 2+ inches on Sunday.

Ro – I am been cleaning the garage and have that as my project this week. Jordan and I are having a contest to see who can finish the Book of Mormon first. The winner gets a dinner from the loser. All he lacks for putting in his papers is finishing the Book or Mormon. He won’t tell me where he is, but I think that I am ahead.

Marci – is doing what Marci does. She is helping to plan a party for Edna’s 90th birthday party for the women in the ward. We are also going to have something that night for the family.

Jordan - Jordan had a solo in Church today and he sounded great. he sang "Come though fount". Kara played the Violin and her Mom accompanied him on the piano.
He has also completely torn down his motorcycle. Pulled the forks off and changed the fork seals, pulled the motor out and is waiting for the parts to rebuild the top end.

Jakob - Jake finished his class in summer school. We hope that he did well. He now just has football in the morning and can do some work around here this week. He had his Senior pictures this week. If you go to this website and use the password Shill20844 you can see them. It was wierd seeing him with an 09 in the picture and knowing that I was there only 30 years ago!!! Holy Canoli!!

Jake also starts Football camp on the 21st. He will be in Snowflake for a week getting in shape.

McKayla – Mckayla went to Lake Powell with the Schwans for a week and has a great tan. She is pretty bored now, but loves to be with her friends. She loves being in Young Women’s. The class of girls that she is in there with is all great girls from great families.

David – is very excited for Cub Scout Day Camp this week. He competed in the YMCA Triathalon (swim 3 laps, ride a stationary bike 2 miles and run 2/3rds of a mile). That was Friday and we don’t know what place he got yet. He is also excited about the presentation on missionary work that his class is doing for sharing time next week.