Monday, August 18, 2008


All the kids are in school again, except Jordan. He is enjoying the freedom I am sure. We enjoyed going to California, spending time with cousins and listening to Dana, Rich and Collin speak in church.

We have been enjoying the Olympics and are amazed at the skill, speed and strength of men and women (and children in the case of the Chinese female gymnasts) who dedicate their lives to the Olympic dream.

Jordan –His mission application is in. He had his final interview with the Stake President. He finished the Book of Mormon in very short order. From what he said in his testimony on Sunday he had a great experience in reading the last half very fast. A few Saturdays ago he went riding with Joe at ET Motopark, he showed me a video of him clearing a 90 foot tabletop! Jordan has also been going out with the Full-Time Elders. They did service and visited members and just did missionary stuff. He will be a great missionary. He was made an Elder last night.

Jakob – I think that he is anxious to hit someone. He comes home tired and goes to bed early. They had a inner squad scrimmage last week and have a scrimmage with Hamilton High on Wednesday. His first real game is August 29th and then games are almost every Friday until November. He is having a good time and learning a lot. He plays Tight End and is number 82. He is taking a lot of accelerated classes this semester and should be quite busy. He was also called to be the Stake Youth Committee representative.

McKayla went to Brian Head/Las Vegas and stayed with McCall and then McCall stayed with us. They had a great time together. Life is all about friends now and she has some great friends. McKayla was also called to be the Beehive class 2nd counselor.

David – Is running for historian at Franklin Elementary. He brought me the speech he wrote all by himself. Here is an unedited excerpt. “Go Davy. Go! The light is green now. Now it is night. Night is not a time for play. It is a time for sleep….Now it is day. Time to finish the race….They are going fast in those cars? Who will win? Vote for David Shill and you’ll find out.” He has decided to play the violin in orchestra this year. He has been filling the house with music (sort of!) He is making a video with McKayla and her friend.