Monday, October 20, 2008

Bla Bla Blog….

Here is the week in a nut shell.

Jakob broke his collar bone playing football. It is his right side of course and he is learning to be left handed in some of the daily necessities. Like putting on shirts, combing his hair, shaving his face and his wiping his ….nose. He is bummed to be out for the season and especially the week before the Mountain View game. Oh well… more time for school.
Rolland is having his knee scoped on Thursday. Torn meniscus! He should bounce back and be leaping tall buildings in no time.
Jordan went through the temple on Friday. It was a great experience for his parents and for Jordan too. For his Dad and Mom it is truly “Living the Dream”.
McKayla thinks that nothing good is going to happen until she gets a cell phone. So nothing good has happened. She is doing well in school, but that doesn’t count because …she doesn’t have a cell phone.
David did great in the primary program
…and Marci has discovered Facebook and loves to “chat” with her friends. She is a true tech head.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Shillville continues to have some happenings. Ma and Pa Shill came back to the farm from their mission at Adam-Ondi-Ahman. I think they miss the spirit and the people, but are glad to be home in Lehi. They truly have a very tender place in their hearts for the people, place and time they served, but are also glad to be back among family and friends and in their own home. They reported on Sunday and both did a great job in their talk. The family sang “Oh Fairest Land of Adam-Ondi-Ahman” for the closing song in sacrament meeting. David says that this is now his favorite song.

It was great to have the family here for mom and dads report. We thought everyone was coming except Brenda, but she surprised us all and brought Clay and Robbie too. Dale was not able to make it and we missed him and his family.

Jordan is busily preparing for his departure. Shirts, shoes, socks, pants, passport, luggage, temple prep class, mission training class, the list is long, the time is short…..and so is his hair. It was announced this week that Italy will host the 2009 Motocross of Nations (often referred to as the Olympics of Motocross). The location is about an hour northeast of Milan. We may have to warn the mission president that the temptation will be there for Jordan and to keep a close eye on him during that time. (just kidding!) There was some big news today from President Monson today that a temple will be built in Rome, Italy. This will be a great time to serve in Italy. The excitement among the members and the spirit the will descend on the country will be tremendous. This is great news for a newly called missionary and we are all excited.

Jakob is doing his best to balance football and school. The football team is struggling this year and Jake hates to lose. He has taken some pretty hefty classes, but should be able to pull good grades because he works hard. He is singing in the Honor Choir at school, serving on the Stake Youth Committee and playing his guitar whenever possible. He grew his hair really long so that he could get a whine, moan and complaint out of his Grandpa Shill. After that he cut it short so he could hear all the compliments and pats on the back from his Grandpa.

McKayla enjoyed having her cousins around this past weekend for Grandma and Grandpas homecoming. She, McCall, Meagan, and Madeline make quite a gang. I must say it is the best looking gang I have ever seen! They all seem to love being with each other. The house was sure quiet on Sunday night. McKayla is palying her flute in the Poston Band and doing well in school.

David loves the BBC series we have been watching, “Robin Hood”. Frank and Ronda’s family turned us onto this. He has been shooting the bow and arrows at targets and started to run outside to shoot at a stray dog before we caught him. We are glad that the Robin Hood in this series (and David) one does not wear tights.