Thursday, October 29, 2009


August 2009

Jordan has been out eight months…wow time is truly flying. Just like the old people used to say….but wait then that makes me old, because now I am saying it. Ouch!!! That realization hurt.

Jordan aka “Anziano Shill” has moved from Verona to Reggio, Italy. He LLLLOVES the food and is growing up (from his pictures he is not growing out, but staying in good shape). He loves being a missionary and we love the blessings of him being a missionary. He is having some success and learning to depend upon the Lord for everything.

Jake had a motorcycle accident on one of the roads near Brian Head and broke his collarbone. He has had surgery and is recovering. He knows that the doctor is just telling him to keep his arm in a sling and take it easy just because they want to control him and that they all sit around and laugh when someone (someone not as smart as Jake) does what they say. He has them figured out and is going on with normal life to show them that they cannot tell him what to do. He will be attending MCC this fall and is planning to join his brother in the mission field sometime next summer.

McKayla just got back from girls camp where she loved being in the estrogen rich atmosphere of Camp Lo Mia. David and I stopped by for a bit and you could see the words running through her eyes like a Time Square Marquee “What are you doing here? This is GIRLS’ camp and my time away from my little brother…when are you leaving!!” She had a blast with the girls, her mother included.

Marci, of course, was also at girls’ camp and came home with many great experiences and memories and bug bites. The bugs realize that she is the sweetest thing around and take every opportunity to gorge themselves on her sweetness. Marci is so giving in that way!!!

David and I went to Pine while McKayla and Marci were at girls’ camp. We spent one of the days geo-caching and found some beautiful scenic vistas where others had placed a geo-cache. My favorite was one that overlooks the Pine Strawberry area. We could see Grandma Toots house from there and all of Pine. We also took a tour of the Pine Historical Museum and I showed David all the pictures of his ancestors. He said as we left that he thought it was very cool that his ancestors founded a town.

As we looked at the old pictures and relics, I reminisced about the old Pine I knew growing up. Visiting the creek, sliding down the stairs in the Pine House, visiting Uncle Orley at his house or the Ponderosa Market, Playing in the small ditch in front of the Pine House and enjoying visits and food with Grandma. I hope that our children do not lose the heritage we have in Pine.

Sssssseeeeee ya, Ro

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