Sunday, February 8, 2009


It is hard to believe that we are already 1 month plus into this New Year. Time is moving along and I find that trying to write in a blog is pretty unrealistic for me.

I have spent the past 3 Saturdays building a chicken coop. I am modeling it after the one that I remember at my boyhood home. I thought that this would be as easy as pie (although I must admit I don’t make pie and have no clue how hard it would be) and have found otherwise. First off, I think that I was wise to not choose a career as a framer! My first clue was that David, my 10 year old was truly HELPING me. It was great to have him around to do all the mathematical calculations. Secondly, I thought that I would just be using some scrap lumber that was around the house and badda boom badda bing…I have chicken coop. NOPE. My third thought on this (after my second $100 trip to Home Depot) was . . . . . How many dozen eggs can I buy with the cost of a chicken coop? I know that there are other reasons for working towards self sufficiency so that is what I am hanging my hat on, since there is no financial justification here.

Over the past few weeks we have been the puppy pushers. Marci and McKayla have been walking around town in trench coats, approaching strangers in dark parking lots, and with puppies hanging from the liners of their coats, saying “Psssst, hey wanna buy a puppy?” Naw not really, just an ad and some phone calls, and the Puppies are gone. They are wonderful about caring for them and I appreciate their efforts.

McKayla is playing Volleyball and frequently you will see her serving to the volleyball ghosts in the yard. So far they have not been able to return a single one!

Since I am very involved with the Young Men in our ward I must give a little print to them. Priest Quorum Basketball is over. It started out very painful, but there was some great improvement. I think that the Lehi Second Ward had one of the most talented group of ball players in the stake. They just don’t play ball much and did not play as a team. The tremendous improvement seen over the short 4-6 game season is clear evidence of this. We are going to try to change that in the next year with some practice. We have a quorum of diverse interests, sand dunes, rodeo, running, swimming, pole vault, band, guitar, video games (arghh!) and of course school and girls all take time away from the very important pursuit of Basketball excellence. (IMHO)

Jake has been acquiring guitars and guitar equipment. He currently has 5 guitars and just got a “half stack” (no…that is not IHOP terminology) that will literally rock the house.. He seems to have been playing some more blues type music, which is definitely OK with his father, but don’t tell him Dad likes it because then he won’t want to play it anymore. He has a great talent for playing guitar and has written some music too. Jake has earned his Bronze palm in Scouting and made the regional choir. Good job Jake!

We got to talk with Anziano Shill in Salt Lake, a tiny bit in Chicago and again in Frankfurt. The Frankfurt conversation was a bit short too. He was very tired and it was about 11:30pm in Arizona and we were awakened from our slumber for the call. Jordan is now in Verona Italy. Of course, we have done the google earth thing and found where he lives and that he is in a very beautiful place. They have some baptisms scheduled for later this month and possibly some next month. His companion is Elder Aillon from Gilbert, Arizona, so hopefully he has made a friend that he can continue to associate with in the post mission life. Mission Trainers are forever your big brother!

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